TMG Consultancy in partnership with Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey) in 14 and 18 December 2021 will organize an Economic Mission to Turkey (or. Antakya, Hatay province).

The event is designed as a platform for the co-operation of the people of the affairs of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey for the identification and promotion of business, and building new contacts for business, leveraging the potential of the economy, attracting foreign investment and business confidence in the long term, which would reflect an increase in turnover, and that the purpose will be to contribute to the well-being of the Republic of Moldova and Turkish Republic. At the event are expected economic projects interested in:

* Heavy industry (metal and metal products);

* Food industry, agriculture, horticulture;

* Furniture and furniture;

* Plastic (plastic pipes);

* Automotive industry (filters, spare parts, drilled equipment, etc.);

* Shoes and accessories.

With the aim of facilitating the exchange of experience between the Republic Of Moldova and the Republic of Turkey, a MEMORANDUM of partnership was signed between TMG Consultancy and the Antakya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Turkey), whose main purpose is to promote the interest of the business environment in Republic Of Turkey on the territory of the Republic Of Moldova and vice versa, facilitating strategic business partnerships in both states, aimed at attracting investments and contributing to the application of good practices in the economic and social development of members and partners.

The parties will make efforts to develop joint programmes, create the necessary conditions for their implementation, stimulate various forms of direct collaboration between specialists and businessmen from the region with local and foreign economic agents, production cooperation and other forms of cooperation with the aim of collaborating. to establish in detail joint actions and ways their achievements.

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