TMG Consultancy


Lawyers  TMG Consultancy in the arbitration proceedings successfully defend the rights and legitimate interests of its clients in Turkey and Moldova. We provide legal assistance in supporting and evaluating ways to solve arbitrage litigations, advising clients on law enforcement and representing interests.

Our team has the experience of successfully representing cases protecting interests in complex disputes, and often acts as a coordinator if more than one jurisdiction is involved in the file.

The main areas of our business are:

  • Commercial litigation;
  • Corporate litigation;
  • Disputes over the protection of business reputation;
  • Litigations in the domain of real estate, construction
  • Litigation in the domain of insurance; investment, tax litigation;
  • Disputes relating to debt collection and other types of litigation.

In Turkey and Moldova, we have considerable experience representing the interests of our clients in the Court of Arbitration, the lower courts and the Supreme Court.

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