TMG Consultancy

Corporate Law

Lawyers of the  TMG Consultany are specialized in the following areas:

Establishment of companies, subsidiaries, branches, associations, foundations, parties having the capacity to attest the identity of the parties as well as the content and the data of the documents.

Drawing up the necessary documents for the modification of the acts of incorporation of the entities mentioned above.

Advice on company structure and drafting of documents, writing decisions and legal documents on the establishment of companies for any type of corporations, assisting with the registration, obtaining the necessary authorizations and operating licenses.

Legal assistance in connection with the increase or decrease of the share capital, completion of the necessary social capital, evaluation of the legal requirements for merger, division, dissolution, liquidation and bankruptcy, assisting throughout these procedures.

Participation in the meetings of the general meetings and of the directing board as well as the assurance of the secretariat tasks; drafting of minutes.

Audit of constitutive documents (including company registers) of civil, commercial and labor contracts, permits, authorizations, and all aspects of the law applicable to the company

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