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Commercial Law

Commercial Law Commercial law is a branch of law that deals with business transactions, sales, commercial contracts, consumer protection, and other aspects of commerce. It governs the relationships between businesses, consumers, and traders and sets out the rules and regulations for conducting commercial activities. This includes areas such as contract formation, consumer protection, company formation,

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Corporate Law

Corporate Law Lawyers of the  TMG Consultany are specialized in the following areas: Establishment of companies, subsidiaries, branches, associations, foundations, parties having the capacity to attest the identity of the parties as well as the content and the data of the documents. Drawing up the necessary documents for the modification of the acts of incorporation

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Labour Law

Labour Law Job litigation and non-competitive agreements with employees Lawyers  TMG Consultancy usually represent both employers and employees at administrative agencies and courts in connection with applications for discrimination in employment. Necessity of the approach with seriousness and professionalism to those both  law fields are generated by the complexity of the  juridical rapports, found on

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Real Estate

Real Estate Our acquired experience allows us to assist our clients with real estate assistance Lawyers of  TMG Consultancy offer services in the following areas: – selling and buying real estate, – preparation and verification of additional documents – mortgage and charges – building partnership contracts – giving / taking in lease – etc. Commercial

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Family Law

Family Law Lawyers  TMG Consultancy offer services in the following areas: Assistance and representation in divorce actions; Assistance / representation in sharing actions; assistance / representation in actions aimed at raising and educating children; Assistance / representation in various actions aimed at relationships governed by family law; Conflict mediation, conciliation; current legal advice; etc. Commercial

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Criminal law

Criminal law Lawyers  TMG Consultancy successfully protect the interests of its clients, natural or legal persons, in criminal cases at any stage of the criminal trial: – issuance of the order to initiate the criminal file – issuing the charge order – initiating the examination of the case by the court, – the appeal on

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Migration Lawyers  TMG Consultancy offer qualified assistance on all aspects of the migration law (registration of migrants, obtaining a work permit, temporary residence permit, etc.); We assist in obtaining invitations / visas to visit the Republic of Moldova / Turkey, for foreign citizens who arrive in the country with a visa etc. We provide advice

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Residence Permit

Residence Permit As a consultancy firm in Moldova, we are here to guide you on how to obtain a residence permit in the country. Determine your eligibility – To get a residence permit, you must be a non-Moldovan citizen and meet certain criteria such as having a stable income, health insurance, and a clean criminal

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Arbitration Lawyers  TMG Consultancy in the arbitration proceedings successfully defend the rights and legitimate interests of its clients in Turkey and Moldova. We provide legal assistance in supporting and evaluating ways to solve arbitrage litigations, advising clients on law enforcement and representing interests. Our team has the experience of successfully representing cases protecting interests in

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