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Who we are

TMG Consultancy

TMG Consultancy was established on the basis of the partnership of the Legal Agency “Onoris Legis” & Partners  of the Republic of Moldova and the Akgöl Law Firm in Turkey. This Moldovan-Turkish Business Law Center aims to contribute to the diversification and development of social and economic relations between Moldova and Turkey as well as to the promotion of the economic potential of Moldovan and Turkish-based companies by providing legally qualified consulting services.

In the 15 years of activity we managed to offer:

Staff on two continents
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Legal advice services
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Court cases won
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Developing a successful business requires overcoming many challenges

Administrative pitfalls, legal obstacles or competitors’ temptations often stand in the way to success.

Why us

The founders of the  TMG Consultancy have an impeccable image on the legal services market in their states, and the building of a sustainable relationship is essential to ensure effective legal representation.

You will get an approach based on a rich experience of winning in court by calling on our services. You will work back to back with a team of legal experts whose experience covers a multitude of experiences in the field of commercial transactions and commercial litigation. 

At the Moldovan-Turkish Business Law Center, we are committed to provide you with truthful and accurate information on time in order to help you make robust legal decisions protecting your business.

We look forward to working with you.

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